By The Duchess, 8th March 2023

Women are Diamonds

Why Men Can't Read Women

Why Men Can’t Read Women

For many years men have professed that they just don’t ‘get’ women, and when I was younger I was baffled by the statement. We can’t all be that difficult to understand, I thought.

As I’ve got older I’ve come to realise that it’s not that we women are hard to understand, more that men do not understand that they are looking at a diamond rather than a simple book.

In fact, it’s crystal clear why women are gems as opposed to an easy-to-read book.We don’t have a cover that spells out who we are, the type of genre to expect (romantic, thrilling or mysterious) or the kind of life we lead (action, horror or comedy). We can’t be shoehorned into one book analogy, because we aren’t that easy to read.

Forget books, we are a lot more multi-faceted than that. Us women are diamonds. In fact, I’m sure that’s what Marilyn Monroe was singing about when she sang Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. She was singing about us!

Alan Wu via Flickr

So why are we all diamonds? Let’s see…

1. Diamonds are multi-faceted, sharp and sparkly, and if you look at us from different angles you see a totally different face.

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2. A diamond looks different at different times of the day and shines brightest in the glow of certain lights. It is precious and unique, and every single one is uniquely flawed.

3. Diamonds are the most expensive and hardy of all precious gems and withstand a greater force than you can imagine. However, hold them too tight and they will cut you deeper than you will expect.

Kiamedia via Freepik

So ladies – we need to explain to our men, and more importantly our daughters, that it’s okay for women to have more than one side to them. That it’s okay to feel like being a saint in the morning, a superwoman throughout the day and a bitch by the evening. We can do it all and we can be it all… and we can shine constantly while we do so.

Are you glimmering as brightly as you can? Does everyone around you appreciate your worth? Are you wanted, revered and cherished? Because you should be, because are not a linear story from a dusty predictable novel– you are a multi-faceted gem. It’s time to put down our ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ books and start viewing ourselves not as aliens but as the precious diamonds we are.


Come on girls!

Let’s take all the boring one-dimensional books off the shelves and replace them with a million diamonds. Let’s make our stories shine and sparkle and last a lifetime. Let’s listen to Ms. Monroe and make diamonds our best friends – because a girl with many facets is much more interesting to know than a boring simple book.

We may not be easy to read… but my goodness once you know us, you will never want to let us go!

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