By The Duchess, 27th March 2017

Only a Mother Would Know…

Lessons You Learn When You Become a Mum

Lessons You Learn When You Become a Mum

It is not until you have a child that you realise that some life lessons are held back especially for this time of your life.

Here are five lessons only a mother would know:


  • Sudocream does NOT come off carpets, glass mirrors or children very easily – or in some cases AT ALL.
  • If you add water to talcum powder, it will turn into a paste. So the day that you walk into your bathroom and notice an entire tub of talc all over the floor – do NOT add water!
  • You will never know how much you value your favorite perfume, until the day that you find the entire bottle has been spilled all over your adorable 3 year old. No matter how much you love that “baby smell” – a baby covered in perfume just doesn’t cut it!
  • Baking cakes with children is fun. Children baking cakes without you… not so much! Remember to lock the kitchen cupboards or one day you will find they have tried to mix the eggs, flour and milk all over your kitchen work tops and not bothered with a bowl.
  • It is very possible to both love and despair at exactly the same time.
    That moment when you look at your children and think “please stop smiling at me like that when I’m trying to tell you off.’’

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