By The Duchess, 10th May 2016

11 Signs You’re Married to a Geek!

But that's not a bad thing!

But that’s not a bad thing!

Geek Alert! My husband is a geek. There’s no other way to put it. Maybe your significant other is too? But if you are not sure, here are a few sure fire signs that the person you are sharing your life with does in fact fall into this category.

1: You find yourself having to re-explain things to ‘normal’ friends when they don’t know what your husband is talking about.

2: You have had at least one ‘Chandler’ moment where someone asks you what your husband does and you are not exactly sure how to explain it. Cue the “oh its something to do with computers”.

3: You first port of call when buying presents is to check or Forget clothes and aftershave, they want gadgets!

Markus Spiske /

4: Your home is over-run with wires, cables, gizmos and thingamajigs and you know you will never ever know what they do or how they work.

5: Your other half has asked, more than once, if he can actually build himself his own man cave.

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6: Your live-in geek has on occasion, given you some type of love note written entirely in code – because writing code is easier than writing sweet nothings!

7: There are possibly more computer parts in your house than you have shoes in your closet and you know that ratio will never change, no matter how many new pairs of shoes you buy!

8: The only way you can get them to do any kind of house chores is to threaten to hide all charging devices for all computers in the property.

9: There are never ever EVER enough strip extension leads in the house when you need to find just one socket to plug in your hairdryer!

10: You know that you will risk death if you mistakenly call them a NERD instead of a geek.

11: You are pretty sure there are more USB devices and memory sticks in the ‘man drawer’, or down the side of the couch, than loose change!
Geek USB drive

So. What do you think? Did you tick more than three of these boxes? If so, it is more than likely that you are indeed married to, or living with, a geek. Don’t worry ladies, the condition may not be curable, but I assure you there are benefits to this condition. At least you know you will never have to call the Cable Guy to come round to fix your TV.

What did you think?

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