By Louise Beech, 16th January 2019

Being a Writer

The Fantasy versus The Reality

The Fantasy versus The Reality

Note From The Editor:
Recently, a BoredPanda article took Facebook by storm. This article was a collaboration of various tweets sent by various professionals, calling out the stock photos that depict their daily work life. Here at The Glass House we couldn’t help but chuckle at the depiction of a ‘writer’.

This, dear readers, is exactly what TGH HQ looks like.

Our Miss Pollyanna, Lady Lolita and The Duchess all sit at their very expensive antique typewriters and tap out their perfect words onto pristine white paper. We do so, of course, wearing sexy lingerie and Louboutains. (Please note the implied sarcasm in every single word!)

This particular share on our Facebook page tickled so many of our readers that one fabulous author commented that she had in fact written a blog about this very topic – and we simply couldn’t resist sharing it. So – I pass my the batton over to the fabulous Louise Beech to show you exactly what a ‘real’ writer looks like.

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Louise Beech:
Recently, I shared on social media a scrappily-put-together meme of the me I like to think I am when I write… and the truth. My publisher, Karen Sullivan, was rather tickled, and we invited other writers to do the same. And what delights were revealed in the wake of my honesty? Want to see them? Of course, you do.

So here’s my #RealWritingFace…
The beautiful Claire King – author of The Night Rainbow and Everything Love Is – shared hers. I find this warm and comforting. I also want to get spectacles.
And then Mr John Marrs (author of The One and Her Last Move) pinged me this beauty. I recognise the hunk at the bottom, but not sure who that nobody at the top is…
Amanda Prowse – author of way to many novels to list here, my favourite being Three And a Half Heartbeats – sent me her own treat. She and Claire King have the same fantasy. They should get together. Could be fun. (Her latest novels include The Co-ordinates of Loss and The Girl in the Corner.)
Craig Lancaster – author of the 600 Hours of Edward series – is quite a dandy. I reckon I need me a quilted jacket with gold trim…
Gill Paul – author of The Secret Wife and Women and Children First – fantasises about writing in a tidy, calm and orderly environment. Her real life is another matter. Nice bottom though. Have to admit that kind of derriere is definitely my fantasy.
David VideoCassette… sorry, David Videcette – author of The Theseus Paradox and The Detriment – adores writing. See how he needs no encouragement. See how happy he is at his desk.
Cassandra Parkin – author of Underwater Breathing and Winters Child – cheated a little. Her writing face is way too pretty. Boooo! Nice ‘almost going to cry at this writing malarky’ eyebrows though.
Louisa Treger – author of The Lodger (and upcoming novel The Dragon Lady) – is Wonder Woman. At least she feels that way. So do I. Then I tighten my dressing gown, scratch my Brian May hair, and get on with real life…
Kate Furnival – she of White Pearl and The Survivors fame – is a creator of fiction in more ways than one. She tells guests she writes in a place at home that she doesn’t! Never in my life! Writers are such fibbers!
Hemmie Martin – author of What Happens After and The Reluctant Mother – also dreams of a trendy and minimalist writing space. Then she falls asleep in her chair…
Pete Domican apparently doesn’t turn the heating on. Me neither, Pete. I like to write as though I’m in 1800s Russia…
And Matt Wesolowski – author of Six Stories, Hydra and the eagerly anticipated Changeling – has 1980s Stephen King-esque fantasies of creating his literature. The truth? Definitely more 2017…
And the gorgeous Lizzie Lamb simply sent me her #RealWritingFace… and it’s lovely.

Note from The Editor: This article first appeared on Louise Beech’s own blog. To take a look at the original blog, you can click here – or just pop over to her own website a take a wander through her informative, insightful and often hilarious musings.

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