Sarah Michelle Lynch

Sarah Michelle Lynch is a former TV magazine journalist who escaped the confines of tiny column more

Sarah Norris

Sarah Norris has been a maternity nurse for twenty-five years and has helped hundreds of babies and more

SE Lynes

SE Lynes is the Amazon best selling author of 'intelligent and haunting' psychological thrillers more

Serena Novelli

Serena Novelli is a mummy of five who overcame teenage pregnancy and never gave up on her dreams. more

Sheila Lamb

Sheila Lamb is the proud Founder of more

Sheila McClure

Sheila McClure lives in the English countryside with her Scottish husband, their dogs, Harris and more

Shelia Hageman

Sheila Hageman is a multi-tasking wife and mother of three who blogs for The Huffington Post. Her more

Shoebox of Memories

The writer over at "Shoebox of Memories" is the father of two stillborn twin boys and three more

Simone Birkholtz

Simone is an adventure-seeking, book hoarding, coffee addict with a childlike excitement for snow. more

Sofie Thomson

Sofie Thomson is a 30-year-old Swedish Scot living in the highlands with her Husband and two more

Sophie Flynn

Sophie is a Cotswolds based psychological thriller author with an MA in Creative Writing from more


In this section you will find a number of articles by writers who have been brave enough to tell us more

Tabitha Wilson

Tabitha is 9 years old and currently (begrudgingly) still lives at home with her long-suffering more

The Divine Mrs M

The Divine Mrs M is a woman in the Autumn of her years but enjoying the sunny rays of an Indian more

The Duchess

Hi! Im The Duchess Now before you ask, no I am not The Duchess due to my Royal blood line, more more

Phillip Wilson

The Duke to matrimonial suffrage, and a recent operation to remove my 'nag filter', I find myself more


Sarah Turner is a newbie freelance writer, forever baffled by the success of her more

Vanessa Altin

Vanessa Altin is a hard news journalist turned author. She splits her time between the UK and more